A number of primary school students from R&B Nursery and primary school were on an excursion at spectra Industries Limited on Thursday, 4th of May, 2023. The excursion trip provided direct source of knowledge and acquainted the student with first hand information on the manufacturing process of Spectra food products. Questions were asked by the pupils and answers were given as well.

On getting to Spectra, their learning experience began on entering the compound, when one of the teachers that accompanied the pupils maximised the opportunity to enlighten the pupils about the different plants on our premises (we could definitely call it a side attraction 😊).

The pupils proceeded to the MD’s office where the MD had a light conversation with the pupils about their intended career ambition and also encouraged them. The MD explained the various processes that go on in the industry to produce our various products.

The pupils then went to the actual production and packaging section of chewie and cocoa powder where they had first hand knowledge of the production and packaging process of our products.

The tour around the compound ended with a chilling period where the pupils were served hot Suco Chocolate drink and Chewie snack. The pupils definitely had a great time at Spectra and they even happily composed a song at the spot confessing “I Like Spectra” and “I like Chewie”.

Beyond doubt, the excursion experience was a mix of education and leisure. It’s important we add that we were delighted to receive R&B Nursery and primary school.

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