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  • tasty fish crackers
  • Breads in different forms
  • Pastries and small chops
  • plain and chocolate cakes
  • Shawarma for vegans
  • Pepper soups for vegans

📅 Date: Wednesday, 9 & Thursday, 10August, 2023

🏠 Location: Motor Rd, 371 Oko-Oba Rd, Agege, Lagos (in Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative)

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Let’s take a delicious trip back to ancient Mesoamerica, in what we now call Mexico, where the magical origins of chocolate were found. It all started with the Olmec civilization, who were among the ancient peoples of Latin America, and they were the first to make chocolate from the cacao plant. They used it as medicine and enjoyed it during their special ceremonies.

Centuries later, the Mayans fell head over heels for chocolate and considered it a heavenly treat fit for the gods. They mixed roasted cacao seeds with spices, water, and cornmeal to create their famous Mayan chocolate. This resulted in a thick and foamy drink called “xocolatl,” meaning “bitter water” in their language.

Moving forward to the 15th century, the Aztecs embraced cocoa beans as valuable currency. They cherished chocolate as a delightful beverage, believing it to be an aphrodisiac and even a source of strength given to them by the god Quetzalcoatl, preparing them for battle.

Chocolate’s allure didn’t stop there! European nobility couldn’t resist its richness and health benefits, making it a favorite treat among kings, queens, and the upper class.

But hold on, a groundbreaking transformation was on the horizon—the Industrial Revolution. In 1828, an amazing invention changed chocolate production forever—the chocolate press. This incredible device allowed the extraction of cocoa butter from roasted cacao beans, resulting in a fine cocoa powder. Combining this powder with other ingredients in molds gave birth to the delectable chocolate bars we know and love today.

Now, dear customers, it’s time to delight in this captivating history and let your taste buds embark on a delectable adventure. Picture the ancient civilizations, the noble figures, and the remarkable advancements that have led us to this moment. With every velvety bite, you become part of a timeless tradition, where chocolate’s extraordinary story continues to unfold. So go ahead, savor the richness and indulge in the pleasure, knowing that you are experiencing a journey woven with passion and flavor.



A number of primary school students from R&B Nursery and primary school were on an excursion at spectra Industries Limited on Thursday, 4th of May, 2023. The excursion trip provided direct source of knowledge and acquainted the student with first hand information on the manufacturing process of Spectra food products. Questions were asked by the pupils and answers were given as well.

On getting to Spectra, their learning experience began on entering the compound, when one of the teachers that accompanied the pupils maximised the opportunity to enlighten the pupils about the different plants on our premises (we could definitely call it a side attraction 😊).

The pupils proceeded to the MD’s office where the MD had a light conversation with the pupils about their intended career ambition and also encouraged them. The MD explained the various processes that go on in the industry to produce our various products.

The pupils then went to the actual production and packaging section of chewie and cocoa powder where they had first hand knowledge of the production and packaging process of our products.

The tour around the compound ended with a chilling period where the pupils were served hot Suco Chocolate drink and Chewie snack. The pupils definitely had a great time at Spectra and they even happily composed a song at the spot confessing “I Like Spectra” and “I like Chewie”.

Beyond doubt, the excursion experience was a mix of education and leisure. It’s important we add that we were delighted to receive R&B Nursery and primary school.




The Pan-Yoruba Group, Yoruba Council Worldwide, in collaboration with the Lagos State Government, held the Fifth Annual Omoluabi Festival tagged Ekofest in Lagos, on Monday, 1st of May, 2023.

The Omoluabi Festival is the annual Yoruba global day celebration of the true identity and existence of Yorubas as approved and endorsed by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi alongside the late Alaafin of Oyo,Oba Atanda Olayiwola Adeyemi 111, Iku Baba Yeye of blessed memory.


The CEO/ Chairman, Spectra Industries Limited was presented an award as ”Aare Atunluse Omoluabi Oodua Agbaye” in due Recognition of his Omoluabi Character, Integrity, Worth, Hardwork and Monumental Contributions Towards the Development of the Yoruba Cultural Heritage and Values by the Royal Authority of His Imperial Majesty Arole Oduduwa Olofin Adimula Ooni, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi CFR, Ojaja 11 alongside all other Obas in Yoruba Land.

Our products were also exhibited and guests were enlightened about the health benefits of consuming our products.



As a major nutrition stakeholder, Spectra, Industries Ltd was at the 17th edition of the ECOWAS Nutrition forum in Abuja on the 19th April, 2023

This event was hosted by the Federal Ministry of Health in collaboration with the West African Health Organization (WAHO) with the theme: ‘Leveraging sustainable financing for multi-sectoral approaches: Breaking Silos to Accelerate Universal Access to Nutritious, Safe Affordable & Sustainable Diets”

It aims to review nutrition policies, practices, progress and also find solutions to nutrition challenges, while providing a platform for deliberating on mechanisms to boost health and improve socio – economic development within the ECOWAS subregion.

At Spectra, our aim is to continuously lift up the banner of consuming functional foods daily.
Our participation at the forum definitely showcased our brands.

Keep riding with us, you are on track!



Spectra Industries Ltd exhibited at the Nigerian Baptist Convention that held from 22nd to 27th April at the Baptist International Convention Centre (BICC) Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Lafuwape village, Ogun State.

All our products were on display and people had access to them while learning about their functionalities.

As people fellowshipped with like-minds and nourished their soul, they took time to visit our stand so that their body could be nourished too. They indeed experienced the wholesomeness of our products.

Sincere gratitude to all Convention messengers who participated at the 2023 Convention. May the love of Christ permeate all lives as we “Enter into newness through love and unity”.



Cocoa is thought to have first been used by the Maya civilization of Central America.
It was introduced to Europe by Spanish conquerors in the 16th century and quickly became popular as a health-promoting medicine.
Cocoa powder is made by crushing cocoa beans and removing the fat or cocoa butter.
Today, cocoa is most famous for its role in chocolate production. However, modern research has revealed that it does indeed contain important compounds that can benefit your health.
Here are some health and nutrition benefits of cocoa powder.

1. Rich In Polyphenol That Provide Several Health BenefitsCocoa is rich in polyphenols, which have significant health benefits, including reduced inflammation and improved cholesterol levels. However, processing cocoa into chocolate or other products can substantially decrease the polyphenol content. Spectra Cocoa Powder has 100% alkalized cocoa.
2. May Reduce High Blood Pressure by Improving Nitric Oxide Levels

Studies reveal that cocoa is rich in flavanols, which lower blood pressure by improving nitric oxide levels and blood vessel function. Cocoa containing between 30 –1,218 mg of flavanols can reduce blood pressure by an average of 2 mmHg.

3. May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

Cocoa can improve blood flow and reduce cholesterol. Eating up to one serving of chocolate per day may reduce your risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.4. Polyphenols Improve Blood Flow to Your Brain and Brain FunctionFlavanols in cocoa can support neuron production, brain function and improve blood flow reducing blood clot and supply to brain tissue. They may have a role in preventing age-related brain degeneration, such as in Alzheimer’s disease, but more research is needed.5. May Have Cancer-Protective Propertiesflavanols in cocoa have been shown to have promising anti-cancer properties in est-tube and animal studies, but data from human trials is lacking.

The Bottom Line

Cocoa has captivated the world for thousands of years and is a big part of modern cuisine in the form of chocolate.Health benefits of cocoa include decreased inflammation, improved heart and brain health, blood sugar and weight control and healthy teeth and skin.It’s nutritious and easy to add to your diet in creative ways. However, make sure to use non-alkalized cocoa powder or dark chocolate containing more than 70% cocoa if you want to maximize health benefits.Remember that chocolate still contains significant quantities of sugar and fats, so if you’re going to use it, stick to reasonable portion sizes and combine it with a healthy balanced diet.Finally Spectra Industries Cocoa Powder is 100% pure Alkalized Cocoa Powder without sugar which can be taken hot or cold and also used in different dairy mixtures like chocolates, cakes, milkshakes and a lot more. We are the “home of functional foods”.